Dates: September, 2017 - May, 201

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
$5 per student for exhibits
Required Adults:
admitted free PK-K: 1 adult/6 students; Grades 1-12: 1 adult/10 students.
Additional Adults: $10 exhibits 

All students must be accompanied by a chaperone at all times.
Group Minimum: 15 



Exhibits Educator Guides are available here.


9/11 Tribute Exhibit

Suggested Grade Levels: 3-12

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and Hisotry is proud to be the designated caretakers of N-101 from the World Trade Center's North Tower. 





Innovation Studios

Suggested Grade Levels: K-12

Check out live science & technology demonstrations daily in Innovation Studios! Topics include everything from science, technology, and engineering to art and math. Because featured demonstrations change daily, be sure to check out the demo board with times and locations found at the entrance of Innovation Studios.




Fort Worth Children's Museum

Suggested Grade Levels: K-2

The Children’s Museum gallery targets the our youngest field trip guests – through 2nd grade. The purpose is to encourage opportunities for children to play, knowing that at this age level, children are learning through play. Inside the Children’s Museum is a healthy kids clinic, an infant/toddler developmental space, a parent resource room that also serves as a multi-purpose space, a family restroom, a nursing room for mothers, and a natural science space. Its natural science space exhibits one of the Museum’s largest fully articulated specimens from the natural science collection -- a Galapagos turtle, placed in a large dome so that young guests can see it from all angles.


Energy Blast

Suggested Grade Levels: K-12

Energy Blast tells the dynamic story of energy resources in North Texas through a unique combination of science and history, bringing physics, technology, and innovative thinking to life as you are asked to explore geophysical formations, calculate drilling depths and directions, and to experiment with new resources.





Suggested Grade Levels: K-12

Inside DinoLabs you can explore the world in ways you never imagined. From bone to stone, ancient fossils reveal how dinosaurs roamed and fought, how they lived and died. DinoLabs is also an interactive digital world where your creativity is unleashed. Experience the movement techology that makes DinoLabs an immersive space for all ages.





Suggested Grade Levels: K-12

DinoDig®, an outdoor experience, began with the Museum in 1993.  An historical all-time favorite for young guests to the Museum, this updated exhibition invites guests to “become a paleontologist,” as they discover the skills needed to uncover and excavate fossils in a reproduction of the Jones Ranch where the Paluxysaursus jonesi was discovered in 1982.  DinoDig® features rock formations embedded with fossils based on the actual dig site.




Storm School

Grade Levels: 2-12

Wednesdays at 10:30 am
Learn about wild Texas weather with Jeff Jamison, CBS 11 meteorologist. This 45-minute program is available at no additional charge with your field trip exhibit admission.  Ask your group sales representative how you can sign up for this exciting opportunity!


The Cattle Raiser's Museum

The Cattle Raisers Museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the vital history and science of the cattle industry. The experience tells the story of the cattle industry from its origins among the West’s early Spanish settlers, through the heyday of the legendary drovers, all the way to today’s modern range technology. The exhibits show the important role Texas and Southwestern cattle raisers play in protecting natural resources as frontline stewards of land, livestock and wildlife.



Special Exhibitions

Race to the End of the Earth | Oct. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Race to the End of the Earth recounts one of the most stirring tales in the annals of Antarctic exploration, the contest to reach the South Pole. This exhibition focuses on the challenges that the two leaders—Roald Amundsen on the Norwegian side and Robert Falcon Scott on the British side—faced as they undertook their separate 1,800-mile journeys from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole and back.



Curious George: Let’s Get Curious | Oct. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Curious George is back and can’t wait for you and your students to visit! The exhibit presents key concepts in science, math and engineering, which are woven and layered throughout the exhibit. Activities invite children to learn like George—through direct experience and problem solving! Guests are immersed in the familiar world of Curious George found in the rich children’s literature of this book series.



Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World | Feb. 2018

Celebrating one of the most important cultural icons in history: the guitar, this exhibit is comprised of three elements: the science of sound; the evolution, engineering and design of the guitar; and its cultural impact. The exhibit engages visitors in an experience that is visual, tactile and aural.



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Fun Fact
When established in 1941, the Museum was the first children's museum in Texas and one of the first children's museums in the nation.

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