More and more children and teens are discovering the joys of philanthropy. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History offers the Firefly Club to recognize young donors. 

Gifts can be monetary donations for the Museum in lieu of regular gifts for special occasions, such as a birthday, bar or bat mitzvah or quinceañera.  The lesson they learn about philanthropy will last a lifetime, and the funds collected will help support programming and operations at their favorite Museum!

Children who want to participate can become Fireflies today!  We will send you collection envelopes for you to share with family and friends.

For more information or to request collection envelopes, please contact Development at 817-255-9367.

Thank you for your support!

Fun Fact

The OMNI sound system has 50 speakers, driven by 8 amplifiers that produce over 24,000 watts of sound through 6 channels and a giant sub-bass stack to give the audience that “you are there” feeling.

Omni Survey

Omni Survey

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