It's Great to Be GrandIT’S GREAT BEING GRAND!

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is extraordinary place for all ages, but especially for grandparents and their grandchildren. Time at the Museum can provide a lifetime of wonderful memories for you and your grandchildren.  Our staff experts – many of whom are grandparents themselves – are pleased to offer the following suggestions to help fill your experience with delight.

Grandparent’s Guest Guide

If you are bringing your grandchildren for a day at the Museum, be sure to make your first stop the Doodler Studio in Innovation Studios and pick up our free Grandparent’s Guest Guide. It offers tips for making the most of your visit, based on the age and interests of your grandchildren. 

This Grandparent’s Guide is just one aspect of our innovative “It’s Great to be Grand” Museum program. While you’re here, be sure you talk with our Innovation Studios staff to learn about special “It’s Great Being Grand” activities. In the meantime, find your inner child and get ready to make memories with the one holding your hand. Lucky you!

Before You Visit

Here are a few strategies to think about before you visit.

  • Consider the ages and interests of your grandchildren as you plan how much time to spend in the Museum.  Younger children (4  and under) will likely be content with one to two hours in the Fort Worth Children’s Museum and DinoDig.  Elementary-aged children (5-8) may want to add Innovation Studios, the Rotation exhibit, and the Cattle Raisers Museum.  Older children (9 and older) might be up for the full array of experiences!

  • Plan your departure before everyone is exhausted. Start heading for home while you and your grandchildren still have energy for the walk to the car and the ride home.

  • Have a gift shop strategy. If you plan to visit Shop TOO! , let your grandchildren how much they can spend and how long they have to shop.

  • You’ll all have a better time if you’re relaxed and don’t feel pressured to know everything about the science and history you’re seeing. But do be ready to laugh and share stories about your experiences with cultural objects or scientific phenomena. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that humans learn!

While You’re Here:

  • Have a question? Ask our knowledgeable staff.  They’re identified by yellow and pink shirts.  Our security team is in blue blazers. 

  • Need first aid or have a lost child? Find the nearest staff member; they’ll  immediately contact security.

  • Want to take photos? Snap away!  In fact, we’ve designated some spots in the Museum as particularly great locations for photos with the grandchildren. Look for the “Grand Moments” icon on the Grandparent’s Guest Guide.  Please note that some traveling exhibitions may occasionally prohibit photography.

  • Strollers must be parked at the entrance to the Children’s Museum and the Omni Theater. They’re permitted everywhere else in the building.

  • Sorry, food and drinks are allowed in designated areas only.

  • Family restrooms? Absolutely! Look for family restroom facilities in the Children’s Museum and Omni Theater “Link.”

  • Need to recharge? Sometimes even the greatest grandparents need to sit for a moment. You’ll find benches in all galleries and hallways and lots of comfortable chairs in Innovation Studios, just for you.

Fun Fact
The OMNI Theater sound system and speakers were upgraded in 2008 with a state-of-the-art system that remains unrivaled anywhere in the world!

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