Indiana Jones Exhibit Host

This position reports to the Guest Services Management Team specifically as a part time hourly position alongside other Guest Services Host and Cashier positions. It will not continue beyond September 09-02-2014 and is 20 hours per week or less.

Basic Function and Responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Ensure the Indiana Jones Exhibition meets the Museum’s show quality standards on a daily basis

  • Must be comfortable with extensive customer interaction

         o Provide information to guests regarding programs, directions, pricing, hours, food service options, membership, film and exhibit information

         o Proactively greet and visit all Museum guests and staff throughout the building to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and safe environment for all guests and staff

         o Proactively communicate with guests who need any assistance, including guests who are in need of information, and guest who are lost, ill, or injured or in any other manner in need of attention

         o Communicate rules and regulations regarding the Indiana Jones exhibition space

  • Posses a technical aptitude for computers

         o Demonstrates the operation of Exhibit Video Companion Components with the support of a tutorial video

         o Intervene if the Video Companion’s anti-theft system activates

         o Monitor gallery attendance to ensure safe occupancy and ensure all guest have paid all required admission fees

  • Be familiar with pricing information for all Museum related activities

  • Be familiar with information regarding all Museum amenities

  • Be familiar with all Museum emergency plans, security plans and medical procedures

  • Interact with Museum security to ensure safety for all Museum guests and staff

  • Assist in any emergency situations, medical situations, and technical situations


  • Must be 18 years of age and older and possess a high school diploma

  • Must treat guests and staff in a friendly, professional and inviting manner

  • Proactively seek out information about the Museum

  • Be able to exercise active listening skills and positive body language through smiling, sustaining eye contact and keeping good posture.

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends and holidays

  • Be able to stand for extended periods of time

  • Be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds

  • Must be able to work in an indoor/outdoor setting

Employment Application - PDF

Human Resources Manager
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
1600 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
fax: 817-255-9354

Fun Fact
A typical large format (aka IMAX) 45-minute film costs about 6 million dollars to make.

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