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Job Summary:
The IMAX Console Operator is directly responsible for guest experience while inside the IMAX Theater. This staff member oversees the presentational aspect of the pre-show and post-show. The Console Operator will ensure that the film’s picture and sound are pristine and the IMAX Experience is the best it can be for guests.

Basic Function and Responsibilities including but not limited to:

Light and Sound Systems:

  • Responsible for preparing and continuously monitoring the cleanliness of the theater.

  • Will be proficient with LCD projector, preshow computer, and sound mixer in the console booth.

  • Responsible for alerting the box office that each show has begun, as well as any problems encountered throughout the day.

  • Ensure that the lighting and sound are coordinated with the projectionist to create an overall aesthetically pleasing IMAX Experience.

  • Responsible for watching each show and making sure that the quality of sound and picture remains pristine throughout the presentation.

  • Responsible for assisting guests with finding the restroom or "quiet room". The Console Operator should also be aware of guests on the stairs and make use of the step-lights in order to provide improved safety for guests.

  • Must assist ushers in helping guests from the elevator into the theater when available.

  • Responsible for start-up and shut-down procedures including all lighting, in and around the theater, as well the preshow computer, projector, and sound systems.

Quality Control

  • Awareness and understanding of emergency procedures and performing duties as required in such situations.

  • Must be in frequent contact with projectionist and box office, and in case of system disruption.


  • Prefer to be 18 years of age or older.

  • Qualified candidate will be a mature, responsible, dependable individual who enjoys working in a fast paced environment.

  • Must have a positive attitude.

  • Possesses excellent communication skills. Must be comfortable addressing the public to make necessary announcements.

  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • Acts as team player by contributing to effective team management of all problems, issues, and opportunities.

  • Performing other projects/duties/tasks as required or assigned by the Projection Manager or Supervisor.

  • Operators are expected to be at their assigned position at the start of their shift.

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Fun Fact
The full length feature films over on the Quick Turn Reel Unit, added in Sept. 2005, can hold a two and a half hour movie, weighing in at over 700 pounds and stretching over 9 miles long!

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