Job Posting - Collections Technician

Collections Technician

Part-time Non-exempt

Position Summary:  Under the supervision of the Collections Manager, the Collections Technician is responsible for: inventorying and cataloging of science collections, preparing specimens for storage, and database maintenance and data entry.  The position requires resolute concentration and research skills, experience with specimen handling and preparation, and attention to detail and accuracy in data entry.

Basic Function and Responsibilities including but not limited to:

Preschool Friendly Mornings

Let’s Get Curious!

Animalopolis: An Omni Film experience with the youngest guests in mind!

Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays

  • A special early learner morning hosted by Dynamo, the Museum’s dinosaur mascot! Discover some Animalopolis “stars” from our science collection!

  • Get ready to sing along with Dynamo as you learn about feathers, fur, skin and scales!



Star Trekker Treat

Star Trekker TReat


Star Trekker Treat:
Ensign Family Hour and Film

Space, the final frontier! Beam on board October 26
for family fun aboard the Starship Omni Theater!


Star Trek Into Darkness

STAR TREKKER TREAT - Space, the final frontier! Beam on board the Starship Omni Theater for Star Trekker Treat on October 26.

Star Trekker Treat

Star Trekker TReat


Star Trekker Treat:
Ensign Family Hour and Film

Space, the final frontier! Beam on board October 26
for family fun aboard the Starship Omni Theater!

Job Posting - Educational Programs Facilitator

Educational Programs Facilitator

Part Time

Job Summary:   
The primary responsibility of the Educational Programs Facilitator is to implement programming at school sites and in the museum.  This person is also responsible for organizing materials and resources associated with the program. This person must have excellent organizational skills, strong interpersonal skills, superior communication skills, ability to work well with children and be an effective problem solver.  This person must work well in a team atmosphere.

Educator Evening in the Cultural District

Educator Evening in the Cultural District

September 19, 2013 - 4:00pm

FAQs - Member Ticket Pricing

Memberships of different levels offer a variety of discounts. Please see the chart below for details on pricing for every level and age. Included are the prices relating to all of our membership levels as well as non-members, so you may see how much any additional guests (not covered by your membership) would need to pay.

Noble Planetarium - free with exhibit admission


FAQs - Who can use the Membership


  • Our memberships are designed to allow two adults, living at the same address, to be listed as cardholders on a membership. If there is only one adult living at the address listed on the membership, only one card will be issued. The membership cannot be shared between households.

  • At least one cardholder must be present at every visit to check in, but they do not have to stay to escort guests through the museum.

FAQs - Reciprocal Progam and Other Museums


  • Our museum is reciprocal with other museums through the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) and ACM (Association of Children’s Museums). Your membership allows you to visit hundreds of museums across world and receive free or discounted admission to their regular exhibits. Please note: this is not a dual membership and does not include special engagement exhibits, parking fees, or any other membership benefits.

FAQs - New Members - Welcome!


Do I have to wait for my membership cards to arrive in the mail before I visit?

  • Not at all! You do not ever need to have your cards to visit. Permanent and temporary cards can make your visit easier, but are not required to visit our museum.

  • Plan to show your driver’s license or other photo ID to check in if you do not have your cards.

When will I receive my membership cards?

  • Membership cards will arrive within three or four weeks of your purchase.

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Fun Fact
A typical large format (aka IMAX) 45-minute film costs about 6 million dollars to make.

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