The Fort Worth Children’s Museum harkens back to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s humble beginnings in a house on Summit Street. The Museum was chartered as the Fort Worth Children’s Museum in 1941.

The Children’s Museum gallery targets the Museum’s youngest guests – age birth to 8 – and those who care for them. The purpose is to encourage opportunities for children to play, knowing that at this age level, children are learning through play.

Inside the Children’s Museum is a healthy kids clinic, an infant/toddler developmental space, a parent resource room that also serves as a multi-purpose space, a family restroom, a nursing room for mothers, and a natural science space. Its natural science space exhibits one of the Museum’s largest fully articulated specimens from the natural science collection — a Galapagos turtle, placed in a large dome so that young guests can see it from all angles.

Live reptiles and amphibians are a central element of the Children’s Museum. All throughout the gallery, they are placed in their living environments so that children can observe and learn about their daily habits. The Children’s Museum also features an indoor block-building site where children can construct a train, and the kid’s grocery. Outside is a brilliant pink – Rosa Mexicano – pergola designed by Ricardo Legorreta. Underneath the pergola is the outdoor construction exhibit where children can actually build a project.  The outdoor experience also includes several innovative water play stations.

The entryway to the Children’s Museum is a reproduction of the dragonhead that greeted guests to the Museum on Summit in the 1940s and 1950s.  Also found in the Children’s Museum is another familiar sight: some of the glass bubble tubes that were once in the Museum’s former Hands-On Science gallery.

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