Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog™

Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog transports you to the exciting world of Clifford™, Emily Elizabeth™ and all the residents of Birdwell Island. As you explore Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog, you will encounter the people and places that make-up Clifford’s world. From boarding the Birdwell Island ferry to greeting the nine-foot-tall Clifford The Big Red Dog in his own backyard, you can playfully explore the exhibit’s themed areas and discover Clifford’s Big Ideas. These 10 simple, tangible, life lessons are designed to help young children navigate their world: Share, Play Fair, Have Respect, Work Together, Be Responsible, Be Truthful, Be Kind, Believe in Yourself, Be a Good Friend and Help Others. Each television episode introduces one or more big ideas.

Explore many locations from Birdwell Island including:

  • Birdwell Island Ferry
  • Samuel’s Fish and Chips Shack
  • T-Bone’s Beach
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog and his doghouse
  • Emily Elizabeth’s Backyard Theater
  • Howard’s House
  • Cleo’s Backyard
  • Birdwell Island Post Office

Learning Never Stops

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