Two dinosaur skeletons in combat at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

DinoLabs & DinoDig®

Learn about dinosaurs that roamed in your own backyard millions of years ago and bring them to life using creativity and imagination!  In DinoLabs you’ll discover dinosaur skeletons native to North Texas and cutting-edge technology that brings the experience to life!  Explore DinoDig® and see what you discover in a replica field site.


What did dinosaurs look like when they roamed the earth millions of years ago? Did they have scaled skin in camouflage colors? Did they have feathers? Were they brightly colored and vivid? Science tells us the answer to these questions is yes! With DinoGlow™ you can imagine how.

This Stegosaurus is a canvas where your imagination will take flight, with colors and textures at your fingertips on a touchscreen control.  Create your dinosaur and learn what clues real dinosaurs are providing for scientists and paleontologists today.


Artifacts, fossils, and DNA are the elements scientists use to reconstruct what dinosaurs and the earth were like 200 million years ago.

Inside DinoLabs you can explore that world in ways you never imagined. From bone to stone, ancient fossils reveal how dinosaurs roamed and fought, how they lived and died.

You can also unleash your creativity in DinoLabs – an immersive, interactive digital world where anything is possible! It is the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with dinosaur specimens and artifacts.

Engage with DinoStomp, a multi-screen interactive featuring creatures of the Mesozoic Era. Motion recognition cameras follow and mimic your actions, prompting the dinosaurs to roar and leap in an imaginary 3D landscape. DinoLand is a mixed reality experience that offers multiple
layers of interaction. It is an immersive theater space where you can draw and color dinosaurs then use scanners to incorporate your artwork onto a vibrant prehistoric scene projected on a massive wall. It is creative and playful, and it evokes an aesthetic of paper dolls, dioramas, puppetry, and origami.

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DinoDig® is the reproduction of the Jones Ranch field site in Hood County where paleontologists discovered the Paluxysaursus jonesi in 1982. Rock formations embedded with replica fossils encourage guests to explore paleontology as they uncover and excavate with hand shovels and other tools.


  • Paluxysaurus jonesi lived around 112 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period in North Texas. It measured close to 12 feet high at the shoulder, was approximately 60 feet in length, and weighed roughly 20 tons.
  • Scientists initially identified the dinosaur as the Pleurocoelus.  However, in 2006, based on years of research, the massive sauropod was re-identified by then Southern Methodist University Geology Master’s student Peter Rose, as belonging to a different species and named it Paluxysaurus jonesi.
  • North Texas is home to at least six species of dinosaurs including Acrocanthosaurus, Paluxysaurus, Pawpawsaurus, Protohadros, Tenontosaurus, and an (as yet) unnamed small ornithopod dinosaur.

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