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As we work to reopen our galleries in a safe and sustainable way, we're currently offering only the below experiences. The Children's Museum and other galleries are currently closed.

These Animals Are Really Darn Cool

Texas Ecosystems

Texas Ecosystems

Best for: 2nd grade and up

From the Gulf Coast to Big Bend and hill country, Texas is home to an amazing variety of ecosystems. Within each lives amazing creatures well-adapted to their unique homes. Explore the animals found within six of these biomes and learn how their surroundings shaped what they came to be.

  • See objects from the Museum's science collection
  • Learn how adaptations help animals survive

Ready, Set, Build!



Best for: Kindergarten to 5th grade

Our STEAM lab is a place to imagine, plan, and build. It’s an engaging learning space for children, grownups, families, educators, and all lifelong learners! The STEAM Lab provides a unique opportunity to nurture your creative side through hands-on activities supported by science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Each Lab table is socially distanced and sanitized between each group. With its daily rotating schedule this is a place that you will want to visit often.
*Many activities will require adult assistance and participation.

Come Face-to-Face with Space



Best for: 4th grade and up

Fifty years ago, a kid from Fort Worth landed on the Moon. Now, we're getting ready to go back. In Launchpad, you'll discover the tools needed to explore space and imagine yourself as part of the next generation of astronauts. This gallery is a smaller version of last year's exhibition, now located in Innovation Studios.

  • View artifacts from the Space Race and Space Shuttle
  • See yourself in an infrared camera
  • Find out how much you'd weigh on the Moon
  • Discover the hidden properties of light

Meet our Experts. See Cool Science.

Science Theater

Science Theater

Best for: 2nd grade and up

The Science Theater is a place to go to stretch your curiosity and wonder! We have set the stage for a unique, socially-distant, opportunity to engage with our experts. We also have live science demonstrations each day on a rotating schedule, so be sure to check back often!

You might discover:

  • The astounding power of electricity
  • The bizarre nature of dry ice
  • The unique opportunity to chat with a Museum expert

Tiny Objects. Big Stories.

Beads: A Journey Across Cultures

Beads: A Journey Across Cultures

Best for: 6th grade and up

For thousands of years, people all over Earth have created beads. These tiny objects have decorated clothes, covered important items, and even served as money. While, on their own, beads might all seem similar, their use—and their incredible details—can reveal important information about the cultures that created them. Explore how anthropologists and archeologists can trace strands of human history through these tiny bits of stone, clay, and glass. And as you travel in time, you’ll discover some astonishing works of art. 

Sneak a peak at What's coming next

V-DROME Preview Center

V-DROME Preview Center

Best for: Kindergarten and up

V-DROME is the incredible next chapter for the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and you can be one of the first to find out what it's all about! Watch a preview of our amazing opening film, then explore our 3D building model to find out where V-DROME will be happening. When it's built, V-DROME will:

  • Make you feel like you're flying
  • Engage your senses of sight, smell, and sound
  • Transport you anywhere in space and time

These Wheels are Wonderous

Innovation Gallery

Innovation Gallery

Best for: 5th grade and up

We didn't invent the wheel, but we've sure got some cool ones. Check out some objects from our collection that prominently feature wheels:

  • Original Model T car
  • Antique donkey cart
  • Classic soapbox derby racer
  • Taiwanese pedicab

Learning Never Stops

We are grateful for your support of educational resources for thousands of families learning at home and help towards the care of our live animals and collections. Please consider making a 100% tax-deductible gift today.

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