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Online Field Trips

Online Field Trips

You might not be able to visit the Museum in person, but that doesn't mean your class can't experience our awesome TEKS-based activities! Classes are available in live (using Zoom) or pre-taped formats to accommodate your schedule and needs. Materials kits or lists are available for programs that include hands-on activities. Materials kit pricing is based on sets of 30 kits, desired program and total number of kits needed for your program. Multiple sets of kits can be purchased for large groups.

If you are interested in booking a program with us or getting a quote for a program, click here. Programs are subject to availability and should be booked at least three weeks in advance. Please email outreach@fwmsh.org or call 817-255-9522 with any questions.  

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$50 + Kit

Receive an engaging, top-quality program with a custom intro recorded just for your class!


$75 + Kit

One of our award-winning educators will guide you through your activity via live video streaming! Class limit: 30 students.

Activity-Based Programs

In our Activity-Based Programs, one of our educators will guide participants through an exploratory, hands-on activity to help them learn science concepts in a fun, exciting way. These programs can be done in either a virtual or prerecorded format and are based on TEKs. Prerecorded programs come with a teacher outline that includes background information, TEKs and a breakdown of the program by time. Materials kits are available for these programs.  

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition
(3rd - 8th Grade)

During this program, your students will be challenged to develop an understanding of the Earth processes of weathering, erosion and deposition. Your students will develop a working definition for these processes as they use earth materials to investigate each process. 

States of Matter
(K - 4th Grade)

In this program your students learn how and why things change from solid to liquid to gas and the properties of these states of matter. Students will develop a better sense of the physical world around them through this exploration of matter. 

Chemistry in a Bag
(6th - 12th Grade)

In this program your students will learn about both physical and chemical changes and get to observe chemical reactions up close. They will get a chance to formulate a simple experiment with the materials provided, and form and test their own hypothesis. 

Bird Beak Adaptations
(4th - 8th Grade)

Learn about animal adaptations in a hands-on way by looking at different birds, their food sources and their beaks. Your students will also get to examine some items from the Museum’s collection as they learn about the different ways birds have adapted to their environment. 

(Pre-K - 1st Grade)

Join us to learn all about the parts of a plant, the lifecycle of a plant and then do a colorful flower craft! This program is only available in a prerecorded format.  

Literacy-Based Programs (Pre-K – 2nd Grade)

Please note that these programs are only available live.


In this program, participants will listen to a skunk story, learn more about skunks using taxidermy from the Museum’s teaching collection and create an art project related to skunks. 


After reading a book about turtles, participants will learn more about these wonderful reptiles with specimens from the Museum’s teaching collection and create their own turtle artwork. 

Prairie Dogs

Participants will listen to a fun story about prairie dogs, learn about prairie dogs by observing specimens from the Museum’s teaching collection and create their own prairie dog project. 

Exhibit-Based Programs

Are you interesting in learning more about the Museum’s exhibits virtually? Then join us for a program based around one of our current or previous exhibits. Participants will get a tour of a Museum exhibit, and then, for most programs, an educator will lead participants through a hands-on activity related to the exhibit. These TEKS based programs are only offered in a prerecorded format and come with a teacher outline that includes background information, TEKs and a breakdown of the program by time. Materials kits are available for most of these programs.  


Recommended for K – 5th grade
A hundred million years ago, dinosaurs roamed North Texas. Uncover what they were like and how scientists have figured it all out.


Natural Communities
Exploring Texas Ecoregions

Recommended for 2nd – 8th grade
Learn about the diverse ecosystems found in Texas and how the animals that live there are well adapted to their habitats.



Recommended for 1st – 8th grade
Explore how a kid from Fort Worth walked on the Moon and what tools astronauts today use to live and work in space.


Project Planet

Recommended for 3rd – 8th grade
Climate change is profoundly affecting the world around us. Explore how we know it's happening and what you can do to help.


Fort Worth
From Cowtown to Big City

Recommended for 4th – 8th grade
This program takes a look at the history for Fort Worth from the very beginning through World War I (1865 to 1918). Let’s discover how Fort Worth gets its name and find out what happens when the cattle industry takes off, the railroad comes to town and the city comes to the national stage with a training camp for the Army.  

A picture an old map of Fort Worth hanging in the Museum.
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