This Week in the RLC

This Week in the RLC

FALL 2019


November 23, December 7, and December 14

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

How does language affect our judgment?

One thing that sets humans apart from animals is our language. Language helps us exchange information, plan for the future, and act against our own interests for the good of others. But language also has a dark side: We can use language to spread misinformation, tell lies, and influence ourselves and others in bad ways. The things we are told or tell ourselves can influence our decisions and judgments in both good and bad ways.

In this study, you will work on a task that involves judging similarities and differences between pictures of animals. Different participants will receive slightly different versions of the task. We will compare different age groups on different versions of the task to learn more about how our judgment changes with age as our experience with language increases.

This study is a collaboration between Josiane Donadeli & Anna Petursdottir, Texas Christian University (a.petursdottir@tcu.edu), and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.


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