Thank you for your interest in educational programs available for you and your child at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  Here are just a few of the upcoming educational opportunities


Maker Studio is a pop-up space located in Innovation Studios designed to give guests ages 8 & up an opportunity to engage with local Makers and have hands-on making experiences. 

Upcoming experiences include:


Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th

Maker Studio brings back some of its most popular textile projects! Learn how to do wool felting and finger knitting with a high-tech twist where you can add LEDs and light up your projects using conductive thread and sewable battery packs.

Visit to learn more.


The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Research and Learning Center aims to immerse museum guests in the scientific discovery process as it brings researchers into the Innovation Studios to share their research with the public. Museum guests will have opportunities to learn from these scientists as they participate in current research studies, discuss research with the scientists, and find out how the research impacts their day-to-day lives.

Visit to learn about January's studies.

For more information, or to schedule at time, contact Debbie at



The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History invites homeschool groups and families to participate in any of our educational programming.  Please note that to receive group pricing for programs, you must have a group of 15 or more and reserve two weeks in advance.

Click the following links for more information: School Program Planner - PDF   

  •   DOWNLOAD the THINK exhibit app.  Explore how progress happens with this app for kids, innovators and forward thinkers. Explore how we can follow this path to address some of our most pressing challenges—from the grand to the everyday.  This app is a perfect compliment to the Museum’s THINK exhibit-use it before your visit to the Museum to prepare or go deeper into the exhibit content after your field trip.

  • The Teachers TryScience web site ( offers several hundred STEM lesson plans for teachers from upper elementary through high school grades.  The topics are cutting edge, meant to demonstrate the relevance and excitement of science and engineering to students.  Each plan includes instructions and a list of materials for a hands-on team-building project that brings the lessons alive.  IBM developed Teachers TryScience as a community service to help prepare students for STEM careers and interests.

  • Imagine donating your computing devices' idle computing power when it's on but you're not using it actively, whether for a short break or for hours at a time.  Imagine that computing power helping global researchers speed their work toward finding cures for cancer and Ebola, or making solar power cells more efficient.  You can do exactly that and have a teachable moment at the same time by downloading World Community Grid  (  Hundreds of thousands of "donors" have enabled more than 1.1 million years of computing power to help dozens of researchers speed up their work in a very safe manner.  Get more info and sign up at the link above.

Fun Fact
The rolling loop projector--the heart of the IMAX film system--was invented in the 1960's by Ron Jones, a machinist and camera builder from Brisbane, Australia.

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