Welcome Back!


We're excited to unveil the biggest changes to the Museum since our new building opened more than a decade ago. On your next visit, you'll discover tweaks, updates, and overhauls in every one of our galleries, from a new play area in the Children's Museum to the latest paleontology information in DinoLabs. Scroll down to see what else is new!


Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: Noon - 5 PM
Monday-Thursday: closed

What About My Membership?

During our closure, your membership was extended. Check to see if your membership is still active by logging in to your account.

Is the Omni Open?

The Omni is currently closed. Don't worry - the Omni is coming back summer 2023 - bigger and better than ever!

Introducing Current Science Studio

We promise—you've never seen anything like this. Current Science Studio is the Museum's new home for cutting-edge exploration. Inside, you'll find the latest technology bringing you the most up-to-date news from the exciting world of science.

What's more, each time you visit, Current Science Studio will have something new. Whether it's tracking an incoming hurricane, reporting the latest news from Mars, or exploring the depths of the ocean, we've got you covered!

Children watch Science On a Sphere


The Museum is home to an extraordinary collection of history, and we're opening it up for you to see. Newly redesigned niches spotlight some of our coolest pieces, from antique weapons to Native American art. Even better, we're partnering with local organizations to feature even more of the people and stories that make Fort Worth great.

Next Stop: Outer Space

All tickets to the Noble Planetarium are now free! Explore our planetary neighbors with the Museum's own show, Our Solar System. Or, explore a new permanent display of space exploration artifacts and go hands-on to learn the science of outer space.

Here's a New Place to Play

The Children's Museum has long been a destination for our community's youngest explorers and we're excited to make it better than ever. Come discover a new play space focused on ideas of friendship, community, and working together. And, don't worry—the grocery store, medical office, and all your favorites are sticking around!

Dynamo pic_cropped

Thank You for Your Support

Your support helps us care for our live animals and collections and to develop new exhibits and experiences. Please consider helping the Museum with a donation or membership, for yourself or a loved one!

This holiday season, we are asking you to support our Giving Tree!

Your gift will help us purchase items like a new sand table for Museum School, new bunny cages for our Animal Room, and podcast equipment to help bring the Museum to those who cannot visit in person.

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