Library and Community Programming

Bring the Museum to your library, community group or organization with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Discovery Lab on Wheels! Not seeing a program that meets your needs? Contact us, and we can design a program for you! When you are ready to book your program, or would like a programming quote, please fill out our Discovery Lab interest form. Programs are subject to availability and should be booked at least three weeks in advance. Please contact us at outreach@fwmsh.org or 817-255-9522 with Discovery Lab questions.  

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Choose Your Style

Our Museum educators can visit your library, organization or event to facilitate a variety of STEM focused programs. Our specially designed programs can be done in one of three different formats Come-and-Go Stations, Class-Style Programs, or Six Weeks Science Club.  

Travel fees will apply for programming outside our service radius. Materials fees may also apply for some programs.

Come-and-Go Stations

First Station
Additional Stations



Additional stations must be same day, same site

(1 hour) As participants are enjoying your event, they will be able to drop by our activity station(s) and take part in our hands-on activities. In a come-and-go setting, participants typically spend 10-20 minutes per station. Our stations can be the whole event or part of a larger event.  Each station can handle approximately 30 people per hour, so please use this guideline to plan the appropriate number of stations for your event.

Class-Style Programs

First Program
Additional Programs



Additional programs must be same day, same site

(1 hour) Museum educators will lead a class-style program for a pre-set number of participants. Class-style programs are designed for up to 30 participants and have a set start and end time. We are able to do multiple programs in a day to accommodate large groups. 

Six-Week Science Club


Join our educators in a six-lesson adventure covering a specific topic.  These class-style programs are 45 minutes each, are suitable for groups of up to 30 participants and can be done once a week for six weeks, or on a different schedule to meet your needs.   

Choose Your Discovery Lab Topic

Come-and-Go Stations

These programs are designed to be appropriate for 5 and up.  Children younger than 5 will need parent supervision to participate safely.

  • Chromatography*  
  • Shaving Cream Bookmarks *  
  • Drops on a Penny 
  • Predators and Prey 
  • Bird Beaks and Beyond* 
  • Space * - contact us for a list of specific program topics
  • Magnets  
  • Chain Reactions*
  • Electric Energy   
  • Dinosaurs and Fossils*  
  • Kiva STEM Challenges 
  • Summer Reading Themed Programs* – contact us for a list of specific program topics 

* Material fees may apply to these programs

Class-Style Programs

  • Early Childhood Literacy Based Programs (Ages 2-6)  - contact us for a full list of program topics
  • Shaving Cream Bookmarks  (Ages 7+)
  • Chromatography (Ages 5+)
  • Space (Ages 5+)  - contact us for a list of specific program topics
  • Water Cycle (Ages 5+)
  • Chain Reactions (Ages 5+)
  • Magnets  (Ages 5+)
  • Electric Energy  (Ages 5+)
  • Dinosaurs and Fossils (Ages 5+)
  • Ice Balloons (Ages 5+)

Six-Week Science Club

These programs are designed to be appropriate for ages 7 and up. Please Note: These programs have an additional materials fee depending on activities selected. 

Learn about the grosser side of science with fun activities.

Learn how detectives use science to solve crimes and solve one yourself! 

Have a blast doing a wide variety of awesome experiments  

Use different types of chemistry to create amazing art !

Learn how to think like an engineer with fun weekly challenges.

Explore the natural world, including plants, animals, and land formations.

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