Visitors learn and thrive in this new outdoor exhibit space. Outdoor play provides for greater freedom and flexibility for all students and guests. The playground enables a greater range of active movement for our guests and for all of the educational programs that take place on site from our Museum Preschool and our Grant Education Programs, to our Field Trip guests.

Outdoor play also extends opportunities for large muscle development, core-body strength, flexibility, motor skill growth, and social-emotional development by offering variety, challenge, and complexity in ways that are not attainable in an indoor space.

The playground is a gathering place for all young space lovers to explore and imagine together. This is a fundamental place for guests to find enjoyment, develop social skills through community play and build physical activity.

Plan your visit to see the new playground in action!


  • Leo Potishman Trust

  • The Bird Family Foundation

  • The Ryan Foundation

  • Anonymous Donor

  • The R4 Foundation

  • Dream Park

  • The Miles Foundation


For questions about donations, please email Tammy McKinney at TMcKinney@fwmsh.org or call 817-255-9534.

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