The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is dedicated to lifelong learning and anchored by our rich collections. Explore engaging spaces in our Innovation Studios, unearth fossils in DinoDig, watch imaginations come alive in the Fort Worth Children’s Museum, adventure in Cattle Raisers Museum, discover out first-class traveling exhibits and so much more. We would love for your group to come and see all that we have to offer!

Please fill out the Field Trip Request Form to book your visit now!

Please Note: Fieldtrips WILL be offered during the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. However, they will look different than a regular field trip. Please call for details.

Chemistry Connections 10-15-16-55



For every ten children, you may bring one free educator or adult chaperone.

  Student Adult Chaperone
Exhibit $5 $10
Exhibit + Planetarium $7.50 $14
Exhibit + Laboratory $7.50 $14
Exhibit + Planetarium + Laboratory $10 $18
Additional Parents (Day Of)   $16

Planetarium shows and Laboratory programs are an additional $2.50 per child / $4 per adult for each. Payment will be required the day of the visit via cash, checks or credit cards.



Planetarium shows are 45 minutes long and can fit 75 guests per show. Shows are $2.50 per child / $4 per adult. Show times are 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM.

Our Amazing Solar System | 3rd – 7th | Live at the Noble: Our Solar System is an animated live-narrated show about the planets, asteroid belt, and Kuiper belt.

Texas Sky Tonight | 5th – 12th | Texas Sky Tonight is a live show about the stars, constellations, and mythology that can be found in our night sky over Texas.

Sun Earth Moon | Pre-K – 6th | Sun Earth Moon is a semi-interactive planetarium experience that covers information about the Sun, Earth, and Moon, including different attributes of each body, their relative position to each other, and the fact that they are connected through gravity.

This is Your Captain | Pre-K – 12th | This is Your Captain Speaking is a brief 10-minute introductory into the planets in our solar system.

Forward to the Moon! | 6th-12th Forward! To the Moon covers NASA’s newest manned space program, Artemis, which plans on bringing humans back to the moon to stay

5,000 Eyes: Mapping the Universe with DESI | 8th-12th |5,000 Eyes: Mapping the Universe with DESI is about the newest survey to map our nearby universe.

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure | Pre-K - 1st | In this planetarium show featuring beloved characters from Sesame Street, you'll learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun and the Moon.


Laboratories are programs with engaging activities that may be added on to your field trip experience. Laboratories are $2.50 per child / $4 per adult. Programs are 30 minutes long and have a capacity of 30 visitors/program. Program times are 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM.

Weathering and Erosion | Students will develop a working understanding of the Earth's processes of weathering and erosion through a unique hands-on learning experience.

Jolts & VoltsStudents will be challenged to create circuits with some familiar - and hopefully some very unfamiliar - materials.

Bird Beaks & AdaptationExamine items from the Museum’s collections as students learn about different ways birds have adapted to their environment by looking at different birds, their food sources and their beaks.

Snail ScienceStudents will observe live snails, learn about the parts of a snail and conduct a snail food experiment. They will use hand lenses to observe the snails up close.


Please fill out the Field Trip Confirmation Form to confirm your trip to the museum!



Field trip guests may bring sack lunches or pre-order boxed lunches from the museum café.

Sack Lunches

  • There is no storage available. We agree to leave all coolers, pails, backpacks and wagons in an approved vehicle both before and after lunch.
  • Lunches will be held outside on the front lawn.
  • The Café and indoor courtyard are off limits to groups with sack lunches.

Boxed Lunches

  • The Stars Café is operated by Chick-fil-A Montgomery Street.
  • Lunch Order Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to Field Trip.
  • Send completed forms to groupsales@fwmsh.org.
  • Boxed lunch payment must be made separately from admission.
  • A W9 must be sent in to qualify for tax exemption.

Please fill out the boxed lunch order form here.



  • Full size buses will receive free parking at Farrington Field unless otherwise stated.
  • Personal vehicles may park anywhere in the Cultural Distract for a fee to be collected by the City of Fort Worth upon departure.

Download the Bus Parking Guide here.



Every student is welcome at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We are committed to providing the highest quality visit for each and every guest. If you are chaperoning a visit to the Museum, please take a moment to read through our Chaperone Guide!



Every student is welcome at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We are committed to providing the highest quality visit for each and every guest. We are pleased to inform Teachers that the Museum is ADA Compliant for students with mobility needs. The Museum also offers resources and accommodations for guests with sensory processing needs.

The following items and resources can be accessed throughout the museum:

Sensory Backpacks

For guests with sensory needs we offer check out Sensory Backpacks at no cost that guests may take with them as they explore the Museum. The backpacks include a weighted dinosaur, noise-canceling headphones and a piece of chewlry that may help guests regulate their sensory processing during their visit. In order to check out backpacks, you’ll need to leave a form of ID at the front desk and fill out a small information form. Every backpack is sanitized after use. There are 9 backpacks available on a first come first served basis.

Quiet Areas

Field Trips can be overstimulating for anyone. It’s loud, it’s a new place and routines have been upended. To ensure that every student is able to enjoy their visit, we have a sensory room available inside the Children’s Museum and also keep the Doodler Room inside our Innovation Studios free from groups. These quiet areas allow students a break from the cacophony and the space to self-regulate as needed.

Booking with a Special Needs Group

Please let our Group Sales Team know that your self-contained unit is visiting the Museum and they will happily walk through the best options for arrival times and lunches for your visit. There is no minimum required to book a Field Trip for our Special Needs Groups.

While the information here provides a general overview of accessibility features, we encourage you to contact our Group Sales Team in advance of your visit with any questions or specific needs.

Museum Expectations


We understand that young students are in the beginning stages of socialization and discovery. Your role as a chaperone is crucial for an extraordinary learning experience. To ensure this, we ask that all groups encourage the following:

  • Be attentive to your students at all times and make sure their enjoyment is not infringing on the enjoyment of others.
  • Students should maintain their best classroom behavior while in the museum or theaters.
  • Do not allow students to engage in roughhousing, climbing or running. The safety of all our museum guests and the preservation of our exhibits are important.
  • Chaperones are required to remain with students of ALL ages at ALL times. Chaperones are responsible for student conduct.
  • Please refrain from prolonged usage of any personal electronic devices during your visit as it limits your ability to engage with your students.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the Museum.
  • Be curious and engaged! Participate in activities and ask questions. Your student will appreciate your attention.

As a reminder: The Children's Museum is limited to students in 2nd grade and under.

Group Sales Department

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