Launchpad: Apollo 11 Promises Kept
Introducing V-DROME 2020

Now on Exhibit in the Havener Gallery

Fifty years ago, Apollo astronauts set foot upon the Moon – where will we be fifty years from now? Through artifacts and experiences, Launchpad: Apollo 11 Promises Kept commemorates the milestone anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and introduces V-DROME 2020, an exciting 4-D theatrical experience coming soon.

This new 10,000 square foot exhibit installed in the Museum’s Gary Havener upstairs gallery was developed and created by the Museum’s team of scientists, curators, designers and educators to tell the story of space exploration past, present and future. With our deep collection of space artifacts, custom-built interactive components and a cutting-edge layer of technology, Launchpad: Apollo 11 Promises Kept takes you on a cosmic journey through space and the Museum’s future.

Alan Bean Celebration
Saturday, November 23 | 11 AM – 5 PM

50 years ago on November 19, 1969, Fort Worth native Alan Bean became the fourth man to walk on the Moon. Join us in commemorating this milestone anniversary at our Alan Bean Celebration on November 23 from 11 AM to 5 PM! The celebration will feature hands-on activities in Launchpad: Apollo 11 Promises Kept. Touch authentic meteorites, build and launch your own stomp rocket and discover Bean’s Apollo 12 mission with immersive presentations in the V-DROME Preview Theater every hour!

Museum members also have exclusive access to Launchpad from 10 AM – 11 AM on November 23 to explore the exhibit with the Museum’s own astrophysicists Chief Public Engagement Officer Dr. Doug Roberts and Chief Scientist Dr. Morgan Rehnberg. 

Launchpad features many artifacts from Alan Bean’s time with NASA including the United States and City of Fort Worth flags that journeyed to the Moon with the astronaut, his handwritten notes and his flight jacket. Following his retirement, Bean pursued his interest in painting even incorporating real Moon dust in his paintings. The exhibition includes an original Bean painting, prints of several others and the astronaut’s essays describing his work.

All activities are included with Museum exhibit admission.

Exhibition Highlights

Apollo Missions and Space Exploration History: Exploring space has defined the modern era. From Sputnik to the Space Shuttle, the vehicles we’ve used are iconic and the tools have been remarkable. Discover spaceflight artifacts from the Museum’s collection, along with images, audio and video from the first sixty years of space exploration. Journey through the Space Race and the events leading up to our first steps on the Moon.

Science of Space: From solar panels to special cameras, space is full of fascinating science. Explore hands-on activities to learn about the physics, chemistry and engineering behind space exploration. Learn how astronomers and planetary scientists study the universe and what they’ve learned.

Art of Space: The universe contains a vastness and variety beyond comprehension. Humans have been trying to express visually what they see and feel about the cosmos for centuries. Experience art and music connected to space, and try your hand at your own cosmic art.

Current Science: Satellites in space enable breakthrough technology here on Earth, from GPS to weather forecasting and firefighting. Discover stories of how access to space is changing our lives and how we look at the world.

Virtual Reality Laboratory: We can’t yet vacation on the Moon, but we can see what the astronauts saw in stunning virtual reality (VR). VR headsets allow you to explore our past, present and future in space.

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It’s your turn to take a GIANT LEAP!

Explore the past, present and future of space travel in our newest exhibit Launchpad: Apollo 11 Promises Kept and take an immersive journey to the real-life moments of the first lunar landing in Apollo 11: First Steps Edition in the Omni Theater!

Adult: $22 | Junior (ages 2-18): $18

GIANT LEAP ticket includes admission to all Museum exhibits and one IMAX documentary of your choosing.

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