Permanent Exhibits

DinoLabs and DinoDig®

Learn about dinosaurs that roamed in your own backyard millions of years ago and bring them to life using creativity and imagination!  In DinoLabs you’ll discover dinosaur skeletons native to North Texas and cutting-edge technology that brings the experience to life!  Explore DinoDig® and see what you discover in a replica field site.

  • Imagine dinosaur camouflage with DinoGlow™
  • Discover the difference between a bone and a fossil
  • Come face-to-face with fighting dinosaurs
  • Dig for fossils in our mock field site

Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum gallery targets the Museum’s youngest guests – age birth to 8 – and those who care for them. The purpose is to encourage opportunities for children to play, knowing that at this age level, children are learning through play.

  • Shop at the kid-size grocery store
  • Become a doctor, nurse, or EMT
  • Design your own building or train system
  • Explore ideas of friendship, cooperation, and community
  • Restroom, parent resource room, and nursing room available

Please note: the Children's Museum Courtyard (WaterWorks) is currently under construction to become a brand new, all-inclusive playground opening this year! Find out more HERE.

Innovation Studios

In Innovation Studios, you can invent, doodle, design, explore and imagine! Whether you're young or just young-at-heart, there's no better way to discover the world than with your hands. In the Studios, you set your own agenda and chart your own path. The possibilities are endless—what will you chose?

  • Take charge of your own art in Doodler Studio
  • Explore light and sound in Designer Studio
  • Discover something new and exciting in Imaginer Studio
  • Build and play in Inventor Studio

Noble Space Gallery

It's a big universe out there, but we've got the highlights. Find out what it was like to go to the Moon. Explore the tools astronomers use to study the cosmos today and decide for yourself where we should explore next.

  • Discover how scientists collect and study meteorites
  • Check out objects that visited the Moon
  • See yourself in infrared light
  • See the Museum's first planetarium equipment

Energy Blast

Energy Blast tells the dynamic story of energy resources in North Texas through a unique combination of science and history.  Physics, technology, and innovative thinking spring to life as you are asked to explore geophysical formations, calculate drilling depths and directions and experiment with new resources.

  • Explore a model drilling site for natural gas
  • Get the latest info on how Texas is generating power
  • Uncover the energy pioneers who put Texas on the map

Heritage Gallery

Discover the richness of different cultural identities and their unique peoples. Every one of us has contributed to the world we have today. So let's celebrate: where we came from, who we are today, and where we're going tomorrow.

The Heritage Gallery rotates throughout the year to acknowledge the significant contributions made by all groups of people

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