The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History will be throwing Dynamo a birthday party on Saturday, June 24 from 11 AM to 1 PM. All activities are included with paid exhibit admission. Enjoy sweet treats and meet some of Dynamo's friends!

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Dynamo's BirthdayThe Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s old pal is here! Dynamo was born June 24, 2005 in Toronto, Canada and the long-necked dinosaur made his new home in Fort Worth, Texas here at the Museum. Thanks to Jesse Neely of Watauga, TX, Dynamo got his new name shortly after arriving and has been warming the hearts of visitors since.

Dynamo is considered a Brontosaurus and is distinguished by his long neck, tail, and thick legs.  Dynamo’s family roamed the Earth almost 150 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous Period along with triceratops and a few titanosaurs. Although weighing a mere 20 pounds at birth, Dynamo can grow to be as heavy as 18 tons- or 36,000 pounds! But not to worry, he’s an herbivore and eats plenty of plants.

At seven feet tall with a heart the size of Texas, Dynamo loves all things science and history. During your visit, be sure to keep a look out for him when walking through the Museum (tip: His favorite place is DINOLABS). If you happen to see him, make sure you give him a big hug and ask him to pose for a photo!

Fun Fact
Every year, the Museum provides almost 200,000 hours of science and social studies education for Texas students.

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