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Introducing Current Science Studio

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Science on a Sphere®

Science Studio Render E Mood 1-20-21

With Science on a Sphere®, you'll see Earth from a whole new perspective. This massive globe seems to float in mid-air and you'll see our planet much like astronauts on the space station do.

Follow the latest news about hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. Track the migration paths of wildlife and discover the effects of light pollution. Or zoom into Mars before checking out Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot. This world of exploration is right at your fingertips.

Cutting-Edge Holograms

Science Studio Render F 1-20-21

With breakthrough hologram technology, we can show you anything at the touch of a button. Want to see the moons of Saturn? We've got 'em. How about a rare item from our collection? We can do that, too.

Exploring our holograms is kind of like diving into virtual reality, but for the whole family! And with our special display cases, holograms can work alongside traditional artifacts, bringing them to life with a bit of movie magic!

The Latest News in Science

Science Studio Render C 1-20-21

We've designed Current Science Studio to immerse you in the world of science. You'll uncover the science behind the most important issues in today's news.

See the latest pictures beamed back from rovers on Mars. Follow along as satellites track the progress of a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean or a wildfire on the Pacific coast. Find out why vaccines are so safe and track the progress of COVID inoculations around the world.

Fast Facts About Current Science Studio

Where is it located?

Current Science Studio is located in the Innovation West gallery, adjacent to Innovation Studios, the Museum's heart of hands-on learning.

How long will it be on display?

We're excited that Current Science Studio will be on display indefinitely. But be sure to check back often, as the gallery's stories and presentations will be changing very frequently.

Current Science Studio is only possible thanks to a generous gift from Meta and the Facebook Fort Worth Data Center.

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