Noble Planetarium

Noble Planetarium
Noble Planetarium

The 80-seat Noble Planetarium brings the wonders of the universe to you! A smaller, all-digital projection system offers a more dynamic view of the night sky and enables trips to destinations across the galaxy. The connected gallery offers a stunning view of the Milky Way, as well as the latest images of the planets of our solar system and an exhibit on meteorites.

Noble Planetarium Gallery

Apollo Redux: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Take a seat at Mission Control in the Noble Planetarium! Visit Apollo Redux, now on exhibit in the Noble Planetarium Gallery! It’s an authentic Apollo-era piece of history where you will learn about people just like you who made it possible for astronauts to take that first small step onto the moon.

Funded by the NASA TEAM II Grant

Permanent Collection

A replica of NASA’s original Manned Maneuvering Unit, which allowed astronauts the ability to fly without a tether to the Space Shuttle;

One (1) large plasma screen with ViewSpace, real-time information from the Hubble Space Telescope and other up-to-the-minute space news;

A beautifully-displayed 302-pound rare pallasite meteorite from the Brenham meteorite field in Kansas; and

An exhibit case containing the 100-pound “Blue Mound, Texas” meteorite.


Live at the Noble: Our Solar System
Premium Live-Presented Show 

Humans have been gazing at the planets in wonder for thousands of years, but today we know more than ever about what those words are really like. Join us for a journey to the solar system’s most exciting places. We’ll bring with us a little bit of laughter, a lot of fun and everything we know about our cosmic neighborhood.

Live at the Noble: Texas Sky Tonight
Premium Live-Presented Show

There’s a whole universe visible right from your backyard. Join our interactive journey through the sky stories of the past, the incredible science of the present and the wonder of the future. Together we’ll explore memorable constellations, soar over beautiful planets and imagine life beyond Earth—all from the comfort of the planetarium!

One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure
Included with Exhibit Admission
Join Big Bird, Elmo and their friend, Hu Hu Zhu as they introduce children to the night sky and very basic astronomy. Recommended for very young audiences (ages 2 to 7), and the very young at heart.

Support provided by  

Thundering Herd
Included with Exhibit Admission
Alternate astronomy program with the Cattle Raisers Museum.

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