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9/11 Tribute

WTC 1, Column 133, floors 100-103 NIST Steel # N-101, Impact Steel is on permanent exhibition in the Museum's Urban Lantern.

Cattle Raisers

The Cattle Raisers Museum is a 10,000-square-foot exhibition dedicated to preserving and celebrating the vital history of the cattle industry.

Children’s Museum

The Fort Worth Children’s Museum, designed for children 8 and under, encourages opportunities for children to play, knowing that at this age level, children learn through play.

Energy Blast

Through interactive exhibits, multimedia, dioramas, and learning stations, Energy Blast immerses you into the world of regional energy and alternative energy resources.
Two dinosaur skeletons in combat at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

DinoLabs & DinoDig

DinoLabs and DinoDig® bring the fascinating story of North Texas dinosaurs to life with full articulations of dinosaur skeletons and a dig site replicating a local paleontological field site.
Tornado Alley IMAX

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley is a science adventure revealing the beauty and the power of some of our planet's most extreme -- and least understood -- weather phenomena.

Live at the Noble

Live at the Noble is your gateway to the Universe. Join our cosmic guides on a live safari through space and time as we tour the Texas Sky Tonight and the cosmic neighborhood in Our Solar System.

OMNI Theater

Since its opening in April 19, 1983, the Omni has earned a reputation as one of the most engaging learning environments in our community.
Noble Planetarium

Noble Planetarium

The 80-seat Noble Planetarium brings the wonders of the universe to you! A smaller, all-digital projection system offers a more dynamic view of the night sky and enables trips to destinations across the galaxy.

Innovation Studios

Innovation Gallery is 6,000 square feet where you can invent, doodle, design, explore and imagine!


Dolphins takes audiences under the water's surface, from the dazzling coral reefs of the Bahamas to the wind-swept seas of Patagonia.

Dinosaurs Alive!

See the earliest creatures of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous in a ‘life-sized’ IMAX presentation.

Mid-Week Movie Night

Enjoy discounted shows on Wednesday evenings in the Omni Theater, an IMAX Dome!


Jerusalem takes audiences on an inspiring and eye-opening tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities.

Science on Tap

It's time for some grown-up fun at the Museum!

Infinity Festival

Discover how the Museum is working to create the experiences of tomorrow, today.

Born to be Wild

Follow young orphaned elephants and orangutans on the trip of a lifetime, from birth to their rebirth into the wild. 

Superpower Dogs

Discover the inspiring true story of the world’s most extraordinary dogs and the remarkable science behind their life-saving superpowers.

The Lecture Series

Join Dr. Morgan Rehnberg for a peek at what exploring space was really like. He’ll delve into the silly, terrifying and just plain weird stuff that got us to the Moon.


Take a cosmic journey through the past, present and future of space travel with authentic artifacts and innovative experiences.

Apollo 11: First Steps

Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of NASA’s celebrated Apollo 11 mission, Apollo 11: First Steps Edition is a thrilling cinematic experience showcasing the real-life moments of the first lunar landing.

Hollywood Films at the Omni Theater

Grab your popcorn from Reel Refreshments, and experience Hollywood flicks at the Omni Theater!

Science on Tap: Technology

Explore the world of tomorrow, today! Science on Tap: Technology takes you on an high-tech journey through the latest industry innovations.

Imagine the Moon

Imagine the Moon explores how the Moon has inspired human creativity, learning, and exploration ever since we have looked to the sky.

Under the Sea

Through the visual majesty of the IMAX dome, audiences will be transported to the crystal blue domains of diverse underwater dwellers, including the Leafy Sea Dragon and the Flamboyant Cuttlefish.

Summer at the Museum

Spend your summer at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History where learning is cool in 165,000 square feet of air conditioning!

Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West

It was the dawn of a nation -- a time before the American West became known as the frontier, and little was known about what lay within.

Summer of Apollo

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing all summer at the Museum with an exciting slate of exhibits, programming and shows.

Dynamo’s Birthday Party

Join us for a jawsome birthday party for our mascot Dynamo on Saturday, July 27!