Meet Summit!

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is excited to announce a new exhibit featuring Summit, the therapy dog! Located in the Children's Museum, Summit is a yellow labrador retriever who wears a therapy animal vest. This new addition is just one of the many ways the Museum is welcoming guests of all abilities to explore, wonder, and learn.

What Is a Therapy Animal?

Therapy animals can help improve mental and physical wellness and provide support for education. You can pet a therapy animal, but you should always ask before petting any animal.

What Is a Service Animal?

Service animals are highly trained to perform specific tasks for a person with a disability. Service animals have an important job, so it is important not to distract them from their handler.

Why Summit?

The name "Summit" comes from a collaboration between Museum staff and students at our Museum Preschool! Staff suggested names connected to Museum history and Museum School students voted on the top five suggestions. The name Summit won! Summit refers to the address of the original Museum building, 1306 Summit Ave, Fort Worth, Texas.

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More Resources

We want the museum to be welcome to guests of all needs! Below are resources offered at the Museum, as well as more information from our friends at Pet Partners and Guide Dogs for the Blind.


The Calming Room is a space for those with sensory needs to relax and re-center during their visit. We encourage guests to bring whatever they may need into the space, such as fidget toys, headphones, etc. The Calming Room may only be used by one family at a time. We ask that guests please respect the space and use the Calming Room only for its intended purpose.

Generously sponsored by The Bird Family Foundation


Sensory backpacks include several items that may help guests with sensory needs enjoy their visit to the museum. Backpacks are first come, first served and are available for guests to check out at the ticket counter.


Sensory Saturday is a free opportunity for families of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to explore the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in a safe, understanding environment. FIND OUT MORE


Welcome to Sensory Time at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History! Lighting and sound are adjusted to accommodate for our visitor’s sensory needs. Sensory Time is included with regular admission. SIGN UP NOW

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