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In addition to its well-known preschool program, Museum School also offers many learning opportunities for school-age children.  These discovery-based classes feature various science and history topics enriched with Museum specimens and artifacts where appropriate, creative activities, science investigations and other hands-on explorations. 

Our spring Saturday school-age classes have concluded for the year, however there are many classes still available this summer!

Watch for the fall class brochure to post here in October.  The fall school-age program will include Saturday classes for children in bridge/kindergarten through fifth grade, plus classes for preschool children and their favorite adult. Friday classes will be offered for children ages 6 through 11 (in grades 1 through 6) who are either homeschooled or attend an abbreviated-week school program.

For questions about summer or school-year classes, call 817-255-9333 or 817-255-9335 or send an Email to  We look forward to serving you and your family soon!

Fun Fact
The OMNI Theater's projector, housed beneath the seats, is 6 feet tall and weights 1 ton.

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